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Don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to get.  David Payne Law regularly assists business owners in the formation and operation of LLCs (Limited Liability Company). An LLC offers several advantages when compared to more traditional business structures, including simplicity in formation and operation and potential tax advantages. Heck, did you know even the St. Louis Cardinals are an LLC?

LLCs are often great ideas to protect family farms and rental properties!

David wants to give PEACE OF MIND to his business clients by allowing them to not worry about the “legal” world. Running a business will leave you with plenty of other matters to worry about. David strives to have a continuing relationship with business owners and hope they consider him a trusted adviser.

When you hire David to form your LLC, you retain David Payne Law for future consultations regarding your business (usually at no additional cost).  David Payne has been forming LLCs and advising business owners for nearly 20 years.

Setting Up a Missouri LLC

Structuring new start-ups or reorganizing existing businesses into an LLC is nothing new to David Payne Law. LLC setup and business formation is something we’ve done for nearly 20 years. David and his staff will work closely with you during the fairly simple, but nuanced, process and do all the filings necessary to set up your LLC in compliance with Missouri law.

David and his staff will consult with your CPA or tax preparer to make sure your LLC is ready to take advantage of the tax code.

Advantages of the LLC

  • SIMPLE:LLCs have relaxed requirements regarding paperwork and documentation. LLCs are not required to file documentation with the state of Missouri each year in order to keep the LLC open, as is the case with a corporation.


  • FLEXIBLE:A limited liability company combines the best features of traditional small business structures with the ability to do everything a corporation can do without all the corporate formalities.


  • PROTECTION:For purposes of liability, the LLC acts much like a corporation. It can effectively separate your business assets and insulate your personal assets from the risks associated with doing business. LLCs allow you to enter into contracts under the business name, rather than under your personal name. This helps protects your personal assets!


  • TAXES: Your CPA or tax preparer can usually choose how to classify your business for tax purposes so as to take advantage of the tax code for the benefit of your bottom line.


  • EASY: LLCs are easy to manage and easy to understand. With an LLC there is no need for a board of directors, shareholder representatives, or officers. When things change, it’s also easy to change the LLC structure to meet your needs.


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