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Your family and your future depend on good planning.  Good planning brings PEACE OF MIND. Do you want to avoid probate? Absolutely! But in order to keep the government from making decisions about you and your assets, you MUST have a plan in place that is designed to avoid probate and avoid the government taking over.

Let David Payne Law be your source for Trust and Wills and to complete your estate plan.  The plan can often be completed in a week or two.  David Payne Law has affordable estate planning packages with your pocket book in mind. You will work directly with David and receive personal attention from an experienced lawyer at every step. A good plan made with a skilled attorney is critical to your assets being protected and your wishes being followed.

It all begins with a call to schedule a no-cost appointment.  David will spend the time to get to know you, your family dynamics, your assets, your wishes and your goals. David will break down the laws and options available into terms you can understand.  David will talk to you about his “no surprise” billing.

Get the PEACE OF MIND you deserve

Make sure your wishes are followed. Make sure your assets are protected. Don’t create a burden on your family. Deciding what will happen to your home, the family farm, your financial assets and other possessions after your passing can be an overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be! Do you need a trust?  Do you need a will? What else do you need? Ease your burden by placing the weight of the process on David’s shoulders. If you don’t take the time to make these decisions now, a probate court may end up making all the decisions.

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PEACE OF MIND comes with a good plan. Discover more and get the personal attention and guidance of an estate planning lawyer that has helped families just like yours for nearly 20 years.


Take Control of Your Assets

Trust and Wills | David Payne LawInstead of leaving important decisions to the courts and judges that don’t know you, get the help you need now to make wise decisions. David and his staff are dedicated to helping you and your family through every step of your estate plan. David Payne Law is prepared to assist you with such legal services as:

  • Creating a revocable trust or drafting a will
  • Creating a complete plan that avoids probate court
  • Drawing up Powers of Attorney for financial matters and health care decisions
  • Creating and funding a Missouri LLC to secure and protect your assets
  • Creating and drafting real estate deeds to protect your most valued assets from liens

The decisions you make regarding your estate will determine how your property will be divided and what taxes and other expenses will need to be paid after you are gone.

Be sure that your wishes are carried out by consulting with a skilled estate planning professional at David Payne Law today.


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